On-Time Performance Reporting

Airline OTP Analysis

FlightStats publishes an Airline On-time Performance Report each month on the FlightStats website. We also offer an enhanced version of the Airline On-time Performance workbook for airlines to benchmark their performance during the year.  This workbook is available on a subscription basis and includes additional reports and data exports that provide a more comprehensive and granular analysis of key performance benchmarks. For airlines that participate in our Airline Partnership Program, we offer Airline OTP Analysis as part of the program.

Airport OTP Analysis

FlightStats publishes an Airport On-time Performance Report each month on the FlightStats website. Similar to our Airline OTP Analysis, we also offer an enhanced version of the Airport On-time Performance workbook useful for airports to benchmark their performance during the year.

Real-Time Visualizations

Comprehensive Analysis Workbooks built with Tableau


Premium Airline Analysis

Visualizations and reports focusing on airline and alliance benchmarking, airport departure and arrival benchmarking, comprehensive departure and arrival statistics, trend analysis, carrier performance comparison, and daily/hourly analysis.

Premium Route Analysis

Detailed performance and market share analysis of single O/D pairs or between multi-airport markets. Visualizations and reports include route statistics & trends, flight listings, daily analysis, competitor service & capacity, and block time analysis.

Premium Airport Analysis

Comprehensive analysis of departures and arrivals at an airport. Included are visualizations and reports focusing on taxi time analysis, departure/arrival statistics & trends, hub/bank structure, passenger flow and gate utilization.

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Built on Top of Our Industry-leading Global Flight Information and a Modern Data Warehouse

FlightStats aggregates, processes and archives real-time data for over 90,000 flights per day, gathered from hundreds of sources. This operational data is transformed into a data model ideal for analysis, and stored in a modern data warehouse. The data warehouse is updated every 5 minutes enabling near-real time analysis that supports numerous use cases. Some of the key pieces of data included in the flight records of the data warehouse include:

  • Scheduled, estimated and actual gate/runway times in local airport time and UTC
  • Terminal & gate assignment
  • Route and market codes (metro codes)
  • Equipment type, sub-type, number of seats
  • Pre-calculated operational performance metrics (B0, D0, D5, D15, D30, A0, A5, A15, A30, etc.)
  • Completion factor, cancelations and diversions
  • Scheduled and actual block/air time
  • Departure and arrival taxi time
  • Marketing, operating and codeshare airlines
  • Delay statistics

Since the data is stored at the individual flight level, rollups on dozens of dimensions can be created with drill down support to the flight level. These rollup dimensions include:

  • Time – Departure or arrival date, day of week, time of day, week of year, month of year, etc.
  • Carrier – Marketing airline, operating airline, codeshare airlines and airline alliance
  • Route – Routes by metro code, airport code, region, country, etc.
  • Location – Departure or arrival airport, metro area, country and region
  • Equipment – Equipment code, equipment type (e.g. regional jet)
  • Distance – Long haul, short haul, etc.