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Air-Controller Furloughs to End as FAA Acts on New Law

BloombergNewsBloomberg- Air-traffic controller furloughs were suspended yesterday as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration acted on legislation designed to work around across-the-board spending cuts that kicked in last month.
“Air traffic facilities will begin to return to regular staffing levels over the next 24 hours and the system will resume normal operations by Sunday evening,” Transportation Department spokesman Justin Nisly said in an e-mailed statement.


Congress passes bill to end air traffic controller furloughs

NBCNewsTravelNBC News- The House approved the “Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013″ Friday – just before the start of a week-long congressional recess — to keep furloughed air traffic controllers and other FAA employees on the job and make sure more flights are on time.

The Senate unanimously approved the measure on Thursday night after a week where the FAA blamed thousands of delayed flights on air traffic controllers it furloughed Sunday to meet sequester cuts.


Guesswork used to determine furlough-related flight delays

TravelWeeklyTravel Weekly – This week, the industry got its first taste of flight delays caused by furloughing FAA employees to meet sequester budget cuts. But it turned out that despite a lot of finger-pointing and politicking, gauging the exact impact of the cuts came down to a bit of guesswork.

That uncertainty didn’t stop the airlines from blaming the FAA for what delays there were or from lobbying the DOT to suspend consumer-friendly tarmac-delay rules.


Effect of FAA furloughs impacting Denver flights

Denver-PostThe Denver Post – While federally mandated furloughs are beginning to impact air travel, conflicting reports are leaving Denver passengers confused as to whether this is actually an “airport armageddon” or just a “sequestration scare story.”
The Federal Aviation Administration’s furloughs, which are a result of the government’s budget constraints, require air traffic controllers to take one unpaid day off every two weeks.


YOUR MONEY-Flight delayed due to furloughs? Here’s what to do

CNBCCNBC – Furloughs of air traffic controllers because of U.S. government spending cuts are leading to flight delays and cancelations.

The Federal Aviation Agency logged 1,200 delays related to the sequester on Monday and 1,025 on Tuesday – in addition to 1,400 and 975 delays for other more usual reasons such as bad weather or aircraft maintenance problems on those days.