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Alaska Airlines and pilots draft tentative new contract

KING5NewsKING 5 News – Alaska Airlines and its pilots have reached a tentative five-year deal.
The new contract, which has been under development since last summer, includes pay raises, improved job security and ways to protect retirement and insurance benefits for pilots.


Air Canada has started to turn around their on-time performance

CBCNewsCBC News Marketplace – When we originally aired this story, Air Canada told us that improving on-time performance was a priority for the airline. In an e-mail to Marketplace, we were told: “Air Canada is now engaged in a company-wide, on-time-performance initiative that is resulting in continuous improvement in this area.”


Summer Air-Travel Survival Guide

ChicagoTribuneThe Wall Street Journal – The forecast calls for heavy frustration with a 50% chance of innovation at U.S. airports this summer.

Airport crowds are expected to be the largest in the U.S. since 2008. There’s already concern that budget cuts in Transportation Security Administration overtime will lead to longer security-screening lines. Atlanta’s airport said wait times from an apparent TSA staffing shortage stretched to 70 minutes on a recent Friday, and both the airport and Delta Air Lines are encouraging summer travelers in Atlanta to get to the airport two hours before departure.


Reporter’s Notebook: 2 major carriers out of O’Hare fare poorly in satisfaction survey

ChicagoTribuneChicago Tribune – The two dominant air carriers out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, United Airlines and American Airlines, scored poorly in yet another satisfaction survey, this time by J.D. Power & Associates. And Southwest Airlines, the primary carrier out of Chicago Midway Airport, ranked high, as it usually does.


Break from U.S. carriers lifts passenger spirits

ChicagoTribuneChicago Tribune – Flying foreign airlines can be so much more pleasant than our domestic options. On a recent KLM flight to Amsterdam, the Dutch airline behaved as if it was in the customer-service industry, not merely transporting a bunch of people from one point to another.

I’ve flown enough non-U.S. airlines to know this situation to be true, but I do it so occasionally that it amazes me every time.