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Flightstats APIs: global coverage of commercial airline flight information

3scale3scale – An interview with David White, FlightStats Chief Customer Officer. “APIs have been a core part of our business since 2003. We’ve built FlightStats around providing day-of-travel data and services to the travel industry. APIs are the primary delivery mechanism.”


When delays occur, flying equals frustration

BerkshireEagleThe Berkshire Eagle – There’s a lot of frustration with air travel these days, from the confusing fares to the fees. Just figuring out what each airline charges for baggage can tricky. Booking the most affordable flight can be mind-bending.

The five cardinal rules experienced travelers go by are:


Plane on LAX-to-Austin route makes emergency landing in Phoenix

DailyBreezeNewsDaily Breeze – Responding to a telephoned bomb threat, a Southwest Airlines plane from Los Angeles to Austin made an emergency landing in Phoenix without incident Monday, an FBI official said.


Sequestration Did Not Cause Flight Delays, Report Shows

SuccessfulMeetingsSuccessful Meetings – Budget sequestration was supposed to cause significant flight delays for U.S. travelers. So far, however, it hasn’t. So finds a new analysis by flight tracking firm FlightStats, whose “May 2013 Airline and Airport On-time Performance Report” shows that North American air traffic performance in May remained “quite constant” with the previous two months.


Alaska Airlines in May again was the most punctual major U.S. airline

BusinessTravelNewsBusiness Travel News – Alaska Airlines in May again was the most punctual major U.S. airline with an on-time performance ratio of 89.6 percent, according to FlightStats. Among the eight largest carriers, Delta again ranked second, at 86 percent, while American Airlines ranked last at 77.1 percent.