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Congress, Mother Nature Both Adding To Flight Delays

WallStreetJournalWall Street Journal – Is it sequestration or storms? Both. Airline flight delays were up yesterday, and the Federal Aviation Administration did temporarily ground some takeoffs because of staffing issues. Those short-term delays resulted from furloughs that the FAA imposed on air-traffic controllers because of budget cuts.


The Sequester Effect On Air Travel In One Chart

BusinessInsiderBusiness Insider – On Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began furloughing all of its 47,000 employees for one day of work every other week, to meet spending cuts mandated by the sequestration.
The FAA has warned passengers to expect delays, as a reduced number of air traffic controllers will space flights further apart to allow them to manage traffic safely.


Almost 7,000 delays on Monday, according to FlightStats

SkyTalkSky Talk –, a website that keeps track of real-time flight data, said there were almost 7,000 flights delayed on Monday and another 400 flights cancelled.

The airport with the highest number of delays was New York’s LaGuardia Airport. More than half of its flights, 52.67 percent were delayed on Monday.


Flight delays rise on first business day after federal cuts begin

LosAngelesTimesLos Angeles Times – On Monday, the first business day after budget cuts forced the furlough of air traffic controllers, the on-time performance of the nation’s airlines dropped nearly 10%.

That was a finding based on statistics compiled by, a website that monitors airline performance rates.

Facing FAA furloughs, fliers could be looking at long delays and canceled flights

NBCNewsTravelNBC News Travel – With furloughs for the nation’s air traffic controllers set to begin on Sunday, fliers may need to rethink their travel plans — and their traditional weekend rallying cry.

“What happened to TGIF?” asked Faye Malarkey Black, senior vice president – legislative affairs for the Regional Airlines Association (RAA), during a press conference on Friday. “I guess now we can just say, Thank God it’s not Sunday yet.”